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Some relevant documents dealing with issues affecting the IGBO community (home / diaspora).
New documents will be added here as soon as they have been reviewed and approved.
So do make sure you visit this section on a regular basis.
If you would like to contribute to this endeavour, the contact info is at the bottom

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1 the-place-of-kolanuts-in-igbo-religion-and-traditions.pdf application/pdf View/DownLoad
2 book-launch-address.pdf application/pdf View/DownLoad
3 understanding-the-aku-dialect.pdf application/pdf View/DownLoad
4 the-roles-and-activities-of-governments-in-sustaining-the-igbo-language.pdf application/pdf View/DownLoad
5 saved-by-the-farms---how-aku-diewa-survived-biafra.pdf application/pdf View/DownLoad

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