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Public Notice

Just in case you are not aware, the author of Igbo Interactive Audio brother Ugwu Ezike Boniface passed away suddenly last year. All of the material he used in producing this brilliant application was done and complied with a technology called Flash. Flash was a file type that was very prevalent on the web until it became obsolete couple of years ago (2018). We have tried to locate all the assets he used in authoring and compiling this application to no avail. Thus, we are now trying to decompile the Flash files and see if we can retrieve some of the assets and then use them with current web technology to try and replicate what he did.

When this project is completed, we will endeavour to contact all those who registered with the old version to re-connect or use this new version. We will try and maintain the registration details as much as we can. We will definitely inform each registered member if they need to alter some of their registration details where that is applicable.

Ugwu Ezike Bon Ugwu was educated at St James’ Catholic Primary School, Aku; Boys’ Secondary School, Aku and the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. His journey with the Igbo Language began with a brief stint in 1982 as a Guest News Translator and Broadcaster at the Anambra Broadcasting Corporation (ABC1), Enugu. In 1988, along with fellow alumni, Ikechukwu Nnaji and Chinyere Ọfụrụm, he pioneered the teaching of the Igbo Language at the Ondo State College of Education, Ikere-Ekiti. He was a co-contributor to the book: IGBO - Nigerian Certificate in Education Series, published for the Ondo State College of Education in 1990. He lived in London with his wife and three daughters and worked with a Local Government authority until his untimely death - RIP Brother.

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